Bagby's Beverages

This bottle was found in Cambria CA and has the original beverage in it and the cap is labeled "ORANGE SODA".

I can't find much history on the bottle.  Bagby Beverage Company was located in Sedalia, MO. I only found one other Bagby's bottle on the net and it was cited to be from the 50's.

If you know more about this beverage or Sedalia, MO and the Bagby's that lived there, please drop me a note at email@  this domain.  This domain is


     Bagby Beer Company

Here's a growler that all Bagbys will want to look in to.  I heard about the Bagby Beer Company in Oceanside, CA. Recently (2015, I think) opened at 601 South Coast Highway in Oceanside.  Check out their web site at and check out the brews that they offer.